About the Slice is Right®

What Is It?

The Slice is Right® is a new kitchen gadget that improves the reheating of leftover pizza in the oven or toaster oven. It’s an innovative way to make your leftover pizza as enjoyable as it was fresh from the restaurant and I want every household to own one, or two, or more!

functional prototype 3d printed prototype final 3d printed prototype
final 3d printed prototype

The Story

I used to eat my leftover slices of pizza cold. It’s true. It wasn’t because I really liked it. Call me lazy, but I just wasn’t going to put time and effort into microwaving a slice that got cold again quickly and left the crust tough and chewy. I certainly wasn’t going to take extra time to heat my slice in the oven or toaster oven to end up with a dried out or burned crust.

One day it dawned on me that what I needed was a device to shield the crust from direct heat, allowing the entire slice to reheat, while not overbaking the crust. With some supplies from a home supply store, I created a prototype of my idea. It was really ugly, but it worked… really well. The leftover slices it produced were as close to fresh from the restaurant as I’d ever tasted. Friends and family who tried it all agreed. At this point, I knew that I was on to something and needed to make this available to Pizza Lovers everywhere!

16% of Americans are eating pizza on any given day. That means a lot of leftover pizza. A lot of times crusts, especially baked in brick ovens, already have a nice char. Also, more and more pizza operators are making special crust flavors. Why ruin a good thing during the reheating process?

The Design

There’s beauty in simplicity. The bottom is a standard pizza pan with holes. It’s known as a super perforated pan with lots of holes on the bottom of the pizza pan that allow more heat to hit the pizza crust directly. This results in a faster baking time and crispier crust. The difference between every other pan on the market and the Slice is Right® is the shield surrounding the crust to reflect direct heat. The crust doesn’t have sauce and oils from the toppings to keep it moist during the reheating process. Consequently, it is prone to drying out and burning. Many pizzerias are making special crusts with drizzles and toppings and stuffed with cheeses for crust lovers to enjoy. We don’t want to see any crust ruined!

A company logo could be laser etched on the pan.

laser etched logo and contact info on crust shield

Slice is Right Pizza is a Veteran Owned Business