Don't Let It Happen to You

Reheating pizza slices without proper protection may cause burning.

Protect the Crust.

Order your patent pending Slice is Right pizza slice reheating pans today!

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It Had Such a Promising Future

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What People Are Saying

The "Slice is Right" pan is awesome! The pizza reheated so well, I think it tasted better at home than in the restaurant.

Darren L.

This is totally legit! I had leftovers recently and it reheated perfectly! The crisp is so key. Great product!

Grace C.

No burnt crust. Easy to use. Pizza tastes fresh again! Seriously, where has this been all my life?

Jake E.

This product is awesome! Leftover pizza never tasted so good. Pizza comes out perfect, like it was freshly made.

Katie H.

Now my family is buying extra pizza to be sure there are leftover slices!

Jen G.